Biotrust Leptiburn Reviews

Is Leptiburn The Real Deal?

Josh and Joel, the masterminds behind BioTRUST™ Nutrition, developed and launched a product called BioTRUST Leptiburn, a revolutionary weight loss supplement that claims to affect how our body breaks down fat by correcting leptin resistance. Let us take a closer look at what leptin is and how it works against obesity, so that we can better understand if BioTrust Leptiburn really works.


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What is Leptin?

Leptin is the Greek word for “THIN”, and it is also a hormone that plays a very important role in regulating the inflow and outflow of energy in our bodies. It also regulates hunger and appetite, behavior and metabolism, and functions by binding to the cell’s leptin receptors.

BioTrust Leptiburn has special ingredients that correct the body’s resistance to leptin. When an individual goes into a diet, his body will automatically hold on to its fat storage for survival, thinking that it will go into starvation mode. But if the leptin levels are stable and consistent, the body will continue to burn fat and even improve its fat-burning efficiency.

BioTrust Leptiburn: Does it work?

BioTrust Leptiburn was created to ensure that your body’s metabolism does not slow down when you go on a diet. Because your leptin levels are consistent, the supplement will boost your metabolism if it has slowed down.

Now thousands of real-life testimonials on the product can be found online. You will see that the product works for many people, but not for everyone. As with any weight loss supplement, the results vary from one person to another.

biotrust-leptiburn-b2g1fBioTrust Leptiburn does not claim to be a magic weight loss supplement that can zap all those fats away. It is not going to work if you don’t really need it. There are only 2 types of people for which the product will work:

  • Individuals who had been obese or overweight for the most part of their lives
  • Those who are on a calorie-restricted diet, which means that their bodies are not producing enough leptin to facilitate fat-burning

Take note that if your body has been overexposed to leptin for a long time, your body becomes immune or non-responsive to it, hence, leptin resistance. This is what BioTrust Leptiburn addresses. Its ingredients helps your body produce more leptin and become more sensitive to it, increasing your body’s efficiency in breaking down fat tissues.

Any Side Effects?

The vast majority of Leptiburn users do not experience any side effects. I did some investigation myself, mainly because I experienced no negative effects from the product whatsoever.  I was able to find one review from one lady who mentioned about a mild stomach discomfort, which may or may not be entirely connected to the product itself.


BioTRUST™ Nutrition states on their website that Leptiburn was carefully formulated using the newest technology to fully harness the power of its special, all-natural ingredients. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules 2 times a day. A bottle is good for one month supply with 120 capsules. The major ingredients are:

  • Laminaria japonica or Extract of Brown Seaweed—200mg
  • Panax Ginseng Extract—400mg
  • Oleanolic Acid or Extract of Olive Leaves—150mg
  • Irvingia Gabonensis or African Mango Extract—150mg
  • Yerba Mate Extract—83 mg
  • Green Tea Extract—350mg


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Leptiburn, Scam or Genuine Supplement?

One way to determine whether a product is a scam or genuine is to look for valid testimonials about it. Aside from reading consumer reviews, testimonials from highly reputable individuals in the industry takes the product’s reputation up a notch. If you visit the BioTRUST™ Nutrition website, you will find reliable testimonials such as one from Mike Geary, the author of the highly popular Truth About Abs report.

According to him, being a Nutrition Specialist, he is very choosy when it comes to health supplements that he recommends. He added that BioTrust is serious about their products and only uses the best ingredients of top-notch quality, using technologies and scientific developments to back them up.

Testimonials like this, where the name of an industry leader gives guarantee about the company and the products it makes, makes the product and the manufacturer legit, in my books, at least. I bet that if you are anything like me, you’d also think that BioTrust Leptiburn is genuine. The consumer reviews, the ingredients, and the testimonials should say it all.

Where to Buy Leptiburn

BioTrust Leptiburn is not available in brick and mortar stores like GNC, and it’s not available in eBay or Amazon either. It is only available direct from Biotrust and here is the link direct to their official website…

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BioTrust Leptiburn Coupons and Discounts

If you purchase from this link (click here), you can take advantage of discounts of up to $69 when you purchase 2 bottles, as you will be given 1 more free bottle. If you get 4 bottles, you get 2 more free.  Aside from these discounts, you also get a free copy of the definitive guide on 53 Fat Burning Smoothies and Smoothies, which would work great for you if you go on a BioTrust Leptiburn weight loss program. All purchases are backed with a 1 YEAR Money Back Guarantee, so you can test-drive the product for 1 year. This in itself is an insurance that the product really works.

The Verdict

jon_Michaels_smallOverall, Leptiburn has proved to be a great weight loss supplement, thankfully it can back up its claims with numerous positive reviews from successful users.  Many toxins present in food such as preserved ready meals and frozen foods can affect the Leptin hormone  in our body negatively. To overcome this, you need to change your eating habits and observe healthier living to improve natural leptin production…. During times where you are making a big effort to lose some extra weight our bodies need as much help as they can get and that is where Biotrust Leptiburn comes in handy.

Whether your weight-loss program is aimed at losing a lot of weight or simply to lose just a few extra pounds, BioTRUST Leptiburn is a safe proven option that will help to achieve your goal. Leptiburn will help you to get back into the shape you’ve always dreamed off, without depriving yourself too much and in a healthy way. Leptiburn is definitely worth try, and be rest assured that you are backed with a 100% money back guarantee, so why not give it a go today?


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