BioTRUST IC-5 Reviews

An in-depth Review of IC 5

Biotrust Nutrition has once again developed a supplement that aims to control unwanted fat.

This time, the product reacts with the hormone insulin. As we all know, hormones greatly affect our metabolism and other body functions. Acting on these hormones, can produce significant results, and IC-5 has proven itself capable of performing that task extremely well.


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What is Biotrust IC 5?

biotrust-ic5Biotrust IC 5 is a supplement that helps to regulate the body’s response to insulin. It also helps to balance the amount of sugar present in the bloodstream. Moreover, it acts to prevent production of fats, by decreasing the body’s resistance to insulin.

With Biotrust IC 5, you can control how you lose your weight and the rate at which you burn the excess fat in your body. Eating processed carbohydrates, has been proven to be one of the reasons why sugar levels in the blood fluctuate. This in turn will give a signal to the body to produce more insulin.

This increased production of insulin will lead the body to develop resistance to it, and thus the body reacts by storing the carbohydrates into fats. Normally, the carbohydrates should be turned into energy. This is where the problem starts.

Biotrust IC 5 was formulated to counteract this effect.

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Does it Work?

In order for us to know if Biotrust really works, it is for us to understand its mechanism of its action. Biotrust IC-5’s main thrust, is to increase one’s sensitivity to insulin. Most people develop insulin resistance because of the different foods they eat, especially those that are rich in processed carbohydrates. The physiologic function of insulin is to turn carbohydrates into useful energy.

If the body’s response to insulin is diminished, chances are insulin will not be utilized. What happens is that the body’s capability to breakdown sugar is paralyzed. The body will then respond by converting sugar in the bloodstream into fats, rather than into energy. The cycle continues if it is not properly corrected. Thus more and more fats are stored. Biotrust IC 5 works by increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

The key ingredients in Biotrust IC 5 were proven to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. However, there are still certain factors to consider before we can decide if Biotrust IC 5 really works. The first thing to know is this. Is there enough insulin in the bloodstream? Different people produce different amount of insulin per day. A person with pancreatic disease for example, may not enjoy the desired effect brought about by Biotrust IC5, if the production of insulin is insufficient.

There are numerous testimonials to prove that Biotrust IC 5 works. However one user of Biotrust IC 5 didn’t experience any visible results for the first week. He decided however, to give it another try for the second week, and in that time, he did feel more energetic and began losing weight.

Carbohydrates tend to decrease insulin receptor sensitivity. This can then result to low energy which can be evident by feeling sluggish. Biotrust IC 5 certainly worked for him. He continued taking Biotrust IC 5 and checked his weight. He was surprised that he did not even gain a single pound, considering the amount of carbohydrates that he had eaten for three weeks.

Biotrust IC 5, like all supplements, certainly cannot transform your figure overnight. The response of various users to it may vary, and thus there will be variations in claims. However, if Biotrust IC 5 is taken with exercise and proper eating habits, one can expect greater results than without it. It’s important, therefore, to take Biotrust IC 5 along with your regular exercise, for the best results.

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biotrust-ic5-b2g1fBiotrust IC 5 is a unique mixture of 5 ingredients that were clinically proven to manage sugar level in the bloodstream, and at the same time, improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin. The first ingredient is called Cinnamonium Burmannii. This ingredient increases glucose metabolism at about ten times the normal rate. It is extracted from the bark of Indonesian cinnamon.

The second ingredient is taken from Berberine. Berberine is a rare plant from India. It is used as a medicinal plant by native healers in India. Berberine works by improving the way insulin and its receptors exchange signals. It also increases the glucose uptake of muscles.

The third ingredient, which is also from India, is called Pterocarpus Marsupium. It is used by Ayurvedic physicians as treatment for diabetes. The effect of Pterocarpus Marsupium is so fast. It can lower blood sugar levels for two hours following a full meal.

The fourth ingredient found in Biotrust IC 5 is hydroxyisoleucine. It is extracted from an herb called Fenugreek. It acts by decreasing fat storage and increasing the storage of glycogen.

The last ingredient is called R-Alpha-Lipoic-Acid. This ingredient is known to increase insulin sensitivity at a rate of 25% above normal.

The 5 ingredients that make up Biotrust IC 5 work synergistically to gain the desired effect. It is a ‘one of a kind’ formula, which cannot be found in other supplements.

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IC 5 Side Effects

Though Biotrust IC5 can increase one’s sensitivity to insulin, there have been no reported side effects. It is important, however, to consult your doctor regarding this. Certain medical conditions might require special attention and extra precaution when taking Biotrust IC 5.

BioTrust IC 5 Scam or Genuine?

It is very unfortunate that with all of the fake food supplements available in the market today, that many have decided not to take these anymore. Some were reported to have been hospitalized because of complications brought about by these fake products. These upsetting events have led people to mistrust almost every product in the nutrition and food supplement market.

Biotrust however, is one of most trusted food supplement manufacturers in the world today. It has marketed many successful products for muscle building and weight loss. Let us see if Biotrust IC 5 is genuine or a scam.

Biotrust encourages its users to take only the exact amount of dosage per day. This means that each dosage of Biotrust supplement is safe. Biotrust uses only natural ingredients. There are no preservatives. There are no harmful chemicals used. All products of Biotrust are carefully formulated by scientists, medical experts and chemists. They are manufactured in a laboratory approved by the FDA.

With all of these facts, one can clearly see that Biotrust IC 5 is not a scam.

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Where to Buy IC-5

biotrust-ic5-b4g2fBiotrust IC-5 is not available in pharmacies and other stores, nor even on online stores, such as eBay and Amazon. It can only be bought from the Biotrust official website where you can also read testimonials, additional information and take advantage of coupons and discounts.

Biotrust IC 5 Coupons or Discounts

Just like all other supplements from Biotrust, IC-5 can be bought with free bottles in a package of two or four. If you will buy two bottles of IC 5, you will get one free … and buying four bottles, entitles you to two more bottles for free.

The Bottom Line … The Verdict

jon_Michaels_smallIt is hard and confusing to look for food supplements that really work. Fortunately, there is Biotrust IC-5. You can be assured that your insulin levels will be regulated enough to minimize fat production. With its natural ingredients, you can be sure that it is safe and there will be no side effects, even after using it for a period of time. You may be a step away from having the right solution to your weight loss problem.

I can highly recommend that you visit Biotrust’s website, and watch the fascinating video that they have put together, to learn more about IC-5.

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